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2017 Ronix Frank Binding

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2017 Ronix Frank Binding

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€ 449,99

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Frank Binding met verborgen graphics geprint in de schoen ontdek ze zelf.

Eigenschappen 2017

Brainframe Technology

Digitally Printed Upper (with some hidden imagery)

3D Molded Tongue

New Quick Snap Lace Handles

Intuition Liner

Mag Lock Beams

Footbed feel 2

Asymflex 7 liner

Maatvoering Frank Binding

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€ 449,99


Ronix Frank Boot with Hidden Graphics.
We took one of our best selling high end boots and upped our game, while dropping the price. This amazingly well rounded boot sits on top of our state of the art Brainframe hardware. Support is focused below the ankle to create a solid connection and hollowed liner ankles allow you to move freely in any direction, while still feeling locked in. Our most affordable high performance Brainframe boot. A perforated softer liner creates enough side to side mobility for a well rounded riding journey. Wrapped in asymmetrical digitally printed art for your pleasure. Can you find the penguin?Created for a rider looking for the premier cable boot. Maximize full potential board control with softer flex to the inside, but a more rigid outside, allowing you to really lock in a press. Dominik Hernler’s signature boot also uses a a smooth skin liner material making it even easier to get in and out of your boots all day at the electric water wonderland. A Flexform shell design utilizes a structural injection to give a calculated flex and unrivaled park durability. Fully customizable Intuition+ liners paired with our latest footwear breakthrough - the Brainframe. This innovation in fit, function and interchange adapts to the rider’s foot and lower leg, like no other. New Superfabric tongue material stands up to endless laps. Generate superior board control on a rail rocking these customizable sex machines.
█ Brainframe Technology: A footwear breakthrough in fit, function and interchange. One of our most extensive R&D undertakings ever has translated into a superior boot platform in every respect.Our groundbreaking hardware platform delivers instant response and redefines high end boot fit.
█ Digitally Printed Upper: digital printed graphic special made for this frank boot look at your boot evry time you see other detail.
█ Mag Lock Beams: Magnesium’s amazing strength to weight ratio allows us to cut the parts’ weight by 30%. Brainframe models have never been so light.
█ New Quick Snap Lace Handles: New for this season, these parts offer an easy and solid tether to the boot. Easily interchangeable parts for service.
█ 3D Molded Tongue: Special designed tongue with soft side so your feet dosn't pinch
█ Rad Foam / Totally Rad: Molded in under your feet to stand up to those big landings. The shock dampening is sooooo rad.
█ Double Stuff Footbed: Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, an underfoot combination rivaling milk and cookies. The double stuff footbed allows your foot to naturally cant inward without dictating a specific cant angle.
█ Feetblets: Pulls your foot back into the pocket. Please fasten your feetbelts and enjoy the ride. Offers the ultimate heel hold.
█ STAGE 3 LINER:Original base liner this is all were it started fantatastic feeling around your feets.
█ BASE STABILIZER FOAM:A traditional EVA would normally have considerable variation in cell size. The disadvantage to this is that the large cells act like an overblown balloon, which weaken cell walls. This type of microstructure leads to collapsing or packing out. Additionally, many commonly used foams have fillers in them (represented by the red dots), which contribute to a weak foam. Cellular structure of this kind cannot create a good moldable liner due to the fact that the different cell sizes will create inconsistency in thermal expansion therefore making fitting unpredictable. Don’t be fooled by other’s claims of heat moldability and comfort. There is no substitute for the fit and function of our boots, starting with the superior materials that we use.
█ FOOTBED FEEL:Our unique boot constructions are all crafted to deliver a specific kind of ride. Nothing is more important to the response and feel on a board than the foam you are standing on. We have focused a considerable amount of development on building footbeds that are catered to the functional needs of each model.
█ BUILT IN J-BARS:for more grip and basking feel to your heel.

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer 790173061
Merk Ronix
Kleur N/B
Maat N/B
Sekse Men's
Seizoen 2017
type Closed Toe
tip op voorraad showroom


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