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hyperlite kruz bio 2018

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2018 Hyperlite Kruz Bio Wakeboard Boot

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€ 379,99

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█ Biolite 3 Core
█ Abrupt Continuous Rocker
█ Molded Landing Feature
█ M6 Inserts
█ Two Stage Channel
█ 9 degree Angled Fins
█ Monocoque Construction
█ Layered Glass
█ Fins: 4-Pack - .8inch P-Wing
█ SHAPED By: Aaron
█ Available Shop Xtreme Waterfun

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€ 379,99

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All the shape features Rusty demanded packed into a legendary shape. Few Wakeboarders work as hard as Rusty Malinoski and the passion he has for the sport has been poured into his new shape, the Kruz. Available with Hyperlite’s exclusive BIO 3 Core, Rusty and shaping expert Aaron Stumpf have shortened the overall length but added surface area with the board’s width. The development process was amazing and the final product has Rusty so excited because he’s improving his craft riding the new Kruz. The Abrupt Continuous Rocker, Two Stage Channel and 9 Degree Angled Fins are design features that will help you become a better rider as well; just ask Rusty, the Kruz is a Game Changer! █ BIO 3 CORE™ : The secret recipe we have been perfecting since day one. This core material is the gold standard in the industry and used throughout our line. Bio 3 is our lightest and most durable formula to date █ CarboNetX™ : CarboNetX is Hyperlite’s most innovative construction feature, adding to the most technically packed boards in the industry. Diagonal woven carbon fibers allow the board to store and release energy consistently throughout the ride. Our criss-crossed fibers act like springs and tension cables, delivering a responsive feel and added durability accounting for less than 1% of the board’s overall weight. Hyperlite █ STRATA TRACK™ MOUNTING SYSTEM : This revolutionary mounting system allows a rider to choose any point on the Strata’s 13-inch axis to secure their boot, allowing for ultimate micro stance adjustment and custom set-ups. █ CARBON TORSION ZONE : Aerospace grade carbon graphite inlays build unmatched strength and energy into every board they are put into. █ LAYERED GLASS : Our fi berglass is available in 3 weights depending on the board. Over time, traditional woven glass fi bers will separate. With layered glass every Hyperlite deck will have the same pop off the double up year after year. █ MONOCOQUE CONSTRUCTION : Integrating the top glass and the bottom glass into one. Generating a more durable board on side impacts to prevent delamination. █ ABRUPT CONTINUOUS This rocker line adds a little more kick to the speed that so many riders look for. Th e Abrupt Continuous rocker line transitions to a slightly exaggerated tip and tail rocker creating added pop without sacrifi cing speed into the wake. █ 9 DEGREE ANGLE FINS. Fins in a special direction for faster curves and more responsibility during your ride.

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer 892100010
Merk Hyperlite
Kleur N/B
Maat N/B
Sekse Men's
Seizoen 2018
type Boot
tip op voorraad showroom


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