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radar katana 2018

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2018 Radar Katana Slalom Waterski

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€ 449,99

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Katana: The King of free skiing.

Features 2018

All-Terrain Core


Polished Base

100% Carbon laminates

Recommended max speed 32mph

RST (Radiused Stability Turn) Tail Shape

Bent Vee fin

12 Months Warranty

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€ 449,99

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Radar Katana.The all-round Freeride ski.. Everybody love to ski on it.

The Katana is ready to take you wherever you want to go. It’s purpose-built for open-water lines in varying conditions due to the All Terrain Core. Triple Radius sidecut supports high edge angled tight turns on both on and off side. The 100% Carbon build keeps your speed up for an increased cadence and energetic ride. The Katana says you’re ready for anything.

Katana is member of The Bent Vee collection:The Bent Vee series has revolutionized open water skiing. Width under foot allows these skis to pop out of the water with ease. This combined with a flat channel and grip rails allows a ski with more surface area to perform like a much narrower and nimble ski. Our Bent Vee collection will make you rethink what is possible on a wider ski, take it for a ride.

The Bent Vee series of slalom skis was created to take you anywhere, any time, at any ability level. It’s the easiest, smoothest ski we’ve created with the least amount of drag you could ever imagine. Now don’t get us wrong. We take pride in the hi-performance level of every ski in our line, regardless of intended purpose! The fundamental aspects such as bevel and rocker line are that of a Vapor. So you ski assured, knowing you’re riding a high performance rip stick.

Xtremewaterfun Extra information about the Radar Katana: It was designed to take free skiing to the next level, and it sure has complete that promise. Featuring a whole lot of Radar designed tech, the Katana makes skiing as easy and enjoyable as possible. The foundation of the Katana is the all new BentVee sidecut design placing the skier in the sweet spot of the ski while still providing a nice stable platform, but combine this with a 1″ Flat spot in the concave and a grooved base design, and the Katana retains plenty of speed and lift while still providing plenty of control. This is finished off with a classic touch from Radar, making use of their Machined PU All Terrain Core and carbon laminates, the Katana still retains plenty of response, while remaining forgiving.

All-Terrain Core: Our most forgiving core to date is hybrid, combining Aerocore and Paulownia wood stringers in the tip of the ski. Say what? Wood is the dampest, most forgiving material we build with. The All Terrain Core absorbs rough water, vibration and skier mistakes. Turn finish and wake crossings are easier, as if you put a new set of air shocks on your sedan. By adding stringers only in the tip, we’re not sacrificing reactivity and performance of the running surface. It’s only smoothing out the ride and calming the forebody. AeroCore from boot location through the tail of the ski keeps acceleration and performance peaked.

TruTline: Radar skis have high strength, flush mounted, plated inserts for boot and fin mounting. During pre-production, a high density nylon block is located inside the core. This is the foundation of our insert system, ensuring the insert will become an integrated part of the ski. After the ski has been molded, each insert location is drilled via CNC positioning, to find exact location.

Polished Base: Our aluminum molds are polished daily during production to keep a constant finish on the base of the skis for a glossy appearance and unchanging performance

100% Carbon laminates: High tensile strength, low weight and used for high-endperformance. Every Radar ski is manufactured with 100% carbon fiber for a more dynamic, faster reacting ski with less swing weight. Carbon builds better action sports products. You should want nothing less than that out of your water ski.

Recommended max speed 32mph: This is the recommended speed we tested the ski for a long time and our riders think this is the best speed to ski.

RST (Radiused Stability Turn) Tail Shape: For making the best turns around the buoy.

Bent Vee fin: Special fin only made for the bent vee collection and the butterknife belongs to that family.

Base design:The Bent Vee design also innovates with a FLAT SPOT across the middle of the concave. By putting a straight line across the deepest part of the concave, it shallows the depth of the base design, creating lift from the loss of depth and the flat line itself. That lift relieves line tension, making it easier for a skier to get up, hang on and get acceleration while cutting. To make sure the ski has plenty of grip and edging stability, GRIP RAILS were added to the base to hold the ski in an efficient edging position

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer 890180071
Merk Radar
Kleur N/B
Maat N/B
Sekse Men's
Seizoen 2018
type Open Water
tip op voorraad showroom


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