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2018 Ronix One Flash Mint Binding

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2018 Ronix One Flash Mint Binding

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€ 549,99

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█ Brainframe Technology
█ Tech Skin
█ Intuition + Liner
█ Smooth Skin Lining
█ Superfabric® Tongue
█ Quick Snap Lace Handles
█ Feetbelts
█ Totally Rad Foam
█ Rad Foam
█ Double Stuff Foot bed
█ Mag Lock Beams
█ Front End Perforated Liner
█ Danny Harf Pro Model
█ Xtreme Waterfun Best Selling Product

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€ 549,99

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ONE BOOTS: INTUITION+FLASH MAN MINT / BLACK,HEAT MOLDABLE/CUSTOM FIT Best Boot ever made!! An industry archetype of well-tuned comfort and versatile support. Unbelievable fit lined with asymmetrical medium density support. A perfect blend of support and mobility for a ride at the park or a day behind the boat. In the case that you lose them, they will illuminate with a flash. You will never know how far footwear has evolved until you have tried our exclusive heat formed, custom fit Intuition + liners. █ RONIX ONE LINER 2018: Medium density liner blends mobility and precision board control in a high top cut support. Perforated front end improves feel and comfort, while the non-perforated heel area promotes supportive response. Balanced performance behind the boat or at the park. NTUITION: The pinnacle of custom fit boots. A level of fit and control only found in a Ronix boot. █ DOUBLE LASTED :Built on our Perfect Lasts, this is the basis for our unbelievable fit. This process has been constantly refined over the years to guarantee the best fitting boots on the water. █ TOTALLY RAD: Full length impact resistance, so your legs don’t get punished for charging hard. █ QUICK SNAP LACE HANDLES : New for this season, these parts offer an easy and solid tether to the boot. Easily interchangeable parts for service █ MAG LOCK BEAMS: Magnesium’s amazing strength to weight ratio allows us to cut the parts’ weight by 30%. Brainframe models have never been so light. █ ECO INNOVATIONS: We eliminated the use of PVC solvents which are potentially hazardous to the surroundings and human health. Instead, we use more costly, higher quality materials that are more sustainable and easier on the environment. █ RAD FOAM / TOTALLY RAD: Molded in under your feet to stand up to those big landings. The shock dampening is sooooo rad. █ DOUBLE STUFF FOOTBED: Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, an underfoot combination rivaling milk and cookies. The double stuff footbed allows your foot to naturally cant inward without dictating a specific cant angle. █ BRAINFRAME: Our groundbreaking hardware platform delivers instant response and redefines high end boot fit. █ FEETBLETS: Pulls your foot back into the pocket. Please fasten your feetbelts and enjoy the ride. Offers the ultimate heel hold. █ SUPERFABRIC: This armor plated fabric is the most abrasion resistant material we have ever tested. Applied on the tongue to prevent the laces from cutting and wear. █ RONIX INTUITION FOAM: Genuine Intuition foam begins with only the highest quality raw materials. Stringent procedural controls are followed during manufacturing to ensure a consistently superior foam. The unique processing techniques employed produce a foam that has an unusually fine cell structure, which is very uniform throughout. As a result, tear strength, thermoforming properties of heat moldable foam (Intuition+ liners), and the pack out resistance (Intuition+, Stage 1, 2 and 3 liners) are dramatically improved versus traditional foam. There are no fillers added to these foams so we can maintain the utmost quality.

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Artikelnummer 890183011
Merk Ronix
Kleur N/B
Maat N/B
Sekse Men's
Seizoen 2018
type Closed Toe
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