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2017 Liquid Force Melissa 135 w/Womens Trek 4D Binding

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2017 Liquid Force Melissa 135 w/Womens Trek 4D Binding

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Normale prijs: € 1.079,98

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Crossover wakeboard For Girls who love to board in the park and sometimes behind the boat.

Specific details: Board press here

Specific details: Binding press here

See features...Under product Description

Board 2 Sizes Available

Binding Sizes:

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Normale prijs: € 1.079,98

Special Price (aanpasbaar) € 649,99


Liquid Force MELISSA with Womens Trek 4D binding.

Board features:

Melissa doesn’t have a type of riding that she enjoys more than the other, so she needs a board that can handle it all. From the boat, to the park, to winching and whatever else is out there, Melissa charges all of it on her one board “quiver.” A continuous rocker allows for a smooth ride up the wake and helps bring a softer landing. With its grind base, triple stringer wood/PU core and LF exclusive grind base, this board has the durability to ride any park or concrete ledge. Add in the FlexTrack system for unmatched connection and control and you have the ultimate, “conquer everything” board for the “conquer everything” woman.

█ Flex Track : A FlexTrack with a 4D binding is the ultimate setup for true response… you will feel as if your board and binding are one,not two items pieced together. You Can try it at our wakeboardschool Xtremewaterfun on a lake. Liquid Force is driven by offering products that allow you, the rider, to improve your riding skills every time you get on the water. FlexTrack is a tool to help you expand and push the limits on new tricks that might not have been previously possible. You will be amazed at how deep you can press any board with FlexTrack and how quickly the fl ex will rebound back and spring you into action. The response is truly amazing and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.The track moves with you and the board as you twist into carves and press onto rails creating an unmatched connection, making you and your board one!

█ Continuous Rocker : Smooth and predictable ride. Flowing transitions into turns. Long trajectory arc off the wake.

█ Wood/PU : Our Wood/PU cores give you the best of both worlds… the flex and spring of a solid wood core and the strength and resilience of a PU/core. Whether you are hitting the cable or out behind the boat this core will make sure you are at the height of your game!

█ D-I-S-C Hull through Center : Softens landings and maintains board speed.

█ Triax Glass Layup : Extra strength and extra flex… Why not? This layup provides you with added torsional rigidity and increased longitudinal flex.

█ Hybrid Technology : Blends two curves together for improved performance º Consistent feel through smooth center curve º Increased curve through ends for higher arc into the air.

█ Liquid Rail : Our elastomeric sidewalls deliver unsurpassed durability and strength for your endless cable park progression. This color coded material moves with your board as it flexes and keeps it together through every hit and rail you can dish out.

█ Bevel Rail : Smooth and catch-free on the rails with bite and hold on the water.

█ Liquid Force Grind Base : Get the strongest base possible while maintaining the performance features of each finely tuned hull shape. Our Grind Base molds to the board’s contours and provides solid protection all season long and is available in a wide range of colors and styles for all park and all terrain models.

█ Quad Slider Finn : These park fins have a flattened top to allow you to hit all the kickers at your local park and still give you the bite you need going around the corners.

█ Pro Model Frederique Kraster : Overall winner 2016 cable rider ladies and rides for Xtreme waterfun team Netherlands


Binding features:

Why let the guys have all of the fun, right? That is what Melissa Marquardt strongly believes and is why we are introducing the WOMEN’S TREK 4D in addition to the men’s version. Just like the guys version, this version of the TREK 4D is equipped with the best of what the 4D Chassis System has to offer as well as a unique liner only found in our TREK bindings. It comes equipped with the removable and durable Reflex Walk Liner that has a Trek Liner Bottom with articulated grooves that provide comfortable walking and solid traction on all types of terrain. An adjustable Velcro strap opens and closes the upper back area of the binding, allowing the Reflex Walk Liner to be removed as well as held in place, depending on the need. A built in “Shoe Horn” allows the Reflex Walk Liner to be removed and inserted into the binding with ease. If you find yourself riding in all types of conditions, including some that require you to walk over not so nice surfaces, the WOMEN’S 4D TREK is purpose built and ready for all of your adventures!

M I N I M A L F O O T P R I N T Our 4D chassis has the smallest footprint in the industry! The small footprint allows the board to perform at its truest fl ex, giving you maximum response!

1 5 % L I G H T E R T H A N P R E V I O U S M O D E L S With so many added features, its hard to believe we reduced the weight by 15%. This means a more responsive binding, softer landings and a more comfortable ride.

Dual Lace Zones w/ Lace End Keeper For 2017 all our Mens’s and Women’s adult bindings feature our dual lacing.The dual lace zone system allows the lace tension to be different in the lower and upper zones. This gives the rider a custom fi t for a secure and comfortable feeling.

Articulating Upper Cuff Featured on the pro models, an articulating cuff allows maximum range of motion. The upper fl exes independently like a hinge without material buckling.

PU Tongue Compression Panel PU Panels displaces the lace tension across the foot, eliminating pressure points on the riders foot.

40mm M6 4D Binding Screw Rugged M6 Screws ensure maximum hold.

EZ Glide Lace System Specially designed injection molded parts that allow the laces to move unrestricted when tightening and loosening the binding lace zones.

Nylon Injection Reversable Angle Mount Nylon angle locks allow adjustability for stance angles and eliminates heavy metal parts, simple and functional.

45º Angle Attachment With attachment points under the riders feet, leverage is increased, creating better board response and flex within all directions.

TPU Injected Toe Cap Riveted and glue-less toe cap that is stitched to the upper, offering fl ex and durability to prevent toe “stump”.

Reflex Liner A better fi t and a more supportive flex. Less bulk and air gaps for a snug, full contact fi t. Incorporated an improved range of motion.

Rear Assymetrical Flexzones Welded PU and Lycra create a unique fl exzone that helps promote an incredible amount of motion.

Semi-Rigid Quarter Panels A more form fi tting quarter panel hugs you foot and allows more responsive movements.

Bottom Dampening & Anti-Slip TPE Bottom Bottom dampening that displaces hard impacts and keeps the binding from sliding on top of the board.

4D Binding Chassis The lightest and smallest footprint in the industry. Designed to give the most repsonsive ride of your life.

Honeycomb FlexFloor Our exclusive FlexFloor absorbs impact, reduces weight of the binding, and provides performance driven flex.

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer LF20175189-1
Merk Liquid Force
Kleur Nee
Maat Nee
Sekse Women's
Seizoen 2017
type Crossover
tip Nee


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