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2017 Radar Pro Build Vapor Waterski - Textreme / Dayglow

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2017 Radar Pro Build Vapor Waterski - Textreme / Dayglow

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€ 1.979,99

Vapor Dayglow: Jij wilt het beste? Dit is het Beste!!  Dayglow Kleur zwart/groen.

Eigenschappen 2017

█ Ook in Zwart/Rood verkrijgbaar Coral Editie


Ðura Base


100% Carbon laminates

PMI core

Hand crafted at Radar Lake

Innegra-Reduced vibration

Pro Comp Adjustable fin

12 Months Warranty

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€ 1.979,99


Radar Vapor Probuilt Dayglow..The most advanced ski in the world.
The Vapor is the finest comp ski on the water. It accelerates like a rocket ship and balances on a tightrope. The advancement of developing the rockerline in conjunction with sidecut has proven to create hydrodynamic harmony. No other ski boasts such a parallel sidecut (keeping the ski riding level) with an answer for tip support created by the additional mass added in front of the wide spot on Vapor. The new Pro Build Construction was modeled to offer you what the pros have known for more than a year. It’s knowing that there’s something better out there than PVC. Countless titles have been won under cloak during the development of this newest construction. Combine our new core with structural Textreme Carbon and dampening Innegra and you’ll find nothing more technically advanced anywhere. Welcome to the future'.
Xtremewaterfun Extra Information: The Radar Vapor Probuild Dayglow Textreme is the Absolute High-end ski when it comes to slalom ski’s, what is probuild? It’s Radar’s all new secret core that they won’t even tell us, its stiffer, lighter and faster than ever. With an all new shape the Vapor Lithium always produced the fastest shape in the industry, now it also provides greater direction and turn out of the buoy, for quicker transitions for one edge to the next. On top of this the Vapor Lithium also has new TeXtreme Carbon and Innegra for greater torsional strength and flex, while reducing vibration through your cuts. Topping all of this off is it’s traditional core construction with a PVC core and a 100% carbon laminating for the ultimate finish and performance.
TexTreme: Textreme® is the manufacturer of a type of carbon weave called spread tow. The carbon is formed into a tape rather than a rope found in conventional carbon fabrics. The tape produced is much thinner and packs more material into a given area. This construction gives better mechanical performance, plus a 20% weight reduction and 20% strength gain. By using Textreme®, with its thin layers, the maximum strength until breakage is more than twice as high, compared to conventional carbon fabrics. Textreme® contributed to victories in Tour de France, America’s Cup and F1 races over past years. Our exclusive partnership with Textreme® has taken the Vapor to another level.
Ðura Base: A specially formulated polymer resin is used on the base to relieve surface tension,making the ski faster and more efficient.
TruTline: Radar skis have high strength, flush mounted, plated inserts for boot and fin mounting. During pre-production, a high density nylon block is located inside the core. This is the foundation of our insert system, ensuring the insert will become an integrated part of the ski. After the ski has been molded, each insert location is drilled via CNC positioning, to find exact location.
100% Carbon laminates: High tensile strength, low weight and used for high-endperformance. Every Radar ski is manufactured with 100% carbon fiber for a more dynamic, faster reacting ski with less swing weight. Carbon builds better action sports products. You should want nothing less than that out of your water ski.
PMI core: Our newest construction moves what we know about ski building into the next realm. PMI is the next generation of lightweight reactive core foam. Its current application is aircraft construction based on its ability to easily shape and thermoform. In our application, PMI is lighter, more rigid (simplifying the layup) and more reactive. The latter benefit offers more feel and forgiveness, which is something PVC lacks as a core material. PMI also displayed minimal structural fatigue after longevity cycle testing compared to PVC, which eventually broke down. There is a noticeable difference between other lightweight core skis and our new ProBuild.
Hand crafted at Radar Lake: Each ski is made individual for the customer
Innegra-Reduced vibration: Innegra has an exclusive Radar partnership, now used in Pro Build Vapor to reduce vibration caused by the PMI/ carbon build. It is used from the front foot forward, vastly improving energy dispersion in the tip, allowing for only the information you send the ski to affect the way it rides in the water. Say goodbye to tip chatter and vibration.
Pro Comp Adjustable fin: Download the Radar Skis Info app now in the app store

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer 790170000
Merk Radar
Kleur N/B
Maat N/B
Sekse Men's
Seizoen 2017
type Competition
tip Nee


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